BeUpright: Posture Correction Using Relational Norm Intervention

(Concept Video)

(Presentation at CHI 2016)

We propose ‘relational norm intervention’ (RMI) model for behavior change, develop a sample wearable/mobile service and evaluate its effectiveness. RNI model uses Negative Reinforcement and Other-Regarding Preferences as motivating factors for behavior change. The model features the passive participation of a helper who will undergo artificially generated discomforts (e.g., limited access to a mobile device) when a target user performs against a target behavior.

  • Related Publications
    • Jaemyung Shin, Bumsoo Kang, *Taiwoo Park, Jina Huh, Jinhan Kim, Junehwa Song, and Taiwoo Park. 2016. BeUpright: Posture Correction Using Relational Norm Intervention. In Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ’16), 6040–6052.  (Acceptance Rate: 23%)

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