MI484 Innovative Interfaces

Build and evaluate your own interface prototype with Arduino, sensors, and 3D printing.

AT&T-MSU 2015-16 Instructional Technology Award: Best Technology Enhanced Class. (Click for Details)

Spring 2015 (MI491), Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Fall 2017

This course aims to empower students to creatively design, develop and evaluate new experimental interaction devices by combining various sensors and microcontrollers, without requiring extensive prior knowledge in computer science or electrical engineering. The course provides students hands­-on experiences of interface design and development, including basics of sensor technologies for interaction devices, fundamental implementation skills for interface hardware and software, and user experience evaluation methodologies. Throughout the class, students will learn how to realize their imagination of novel interaction devices and evaluate their usability.

Check out the students’ project archive below.

  • Alex Chapman and Yiqing Ling, Assisted Rehabilitation Cast, Spring 2016

  • Hedy Ha and Linke Zhang, BayMax Pill Dispenser, Spring 2016

  • Tianyu Hu, Whac-A-Mole Therapy Pillow, Spring 2015

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