Trapped! Escape room

Trapped! was a Halloween-themed virtual reality escape room, in which multiple puzzles needed to be solved in order to escape the dungeon. Players were given access to numerous objects within an immediate distance of them that pertained to three separate puzzles: mixing a potion in a certain order, identifying patterns in given objects, and recognizing feedback obtained in experimentation. Players perceive their environment through the use of riddles presented in-game, allowing for a grounded approach to puzzle-solving. Furthermore, the dungeon is complete with a Halloween-themed aesthetic, including some original models and music from the team members themselves. Very spooky.

An escape room was previously developed by Byron Lau, Sage Miller, and Yilang Zhao for internal use. Trapped! was adapted from the structure of the previous iteration — the dimensions of the room, location of the door and keypad, etc. — but incorporated new puzzles and items, in addition to a complete environment overhaul.

  • Date
    • 2017-Current
  • Roles
    • Project co-lead
    • Development support and troubleshooting
    • Player experience researcher

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