VR Mental Health

In this project, we are using VR 360 for an immersive interactive video storytelling method of health promotion. Talking about one’s feelings is helpful. However, due to stigma, many people with depression keep the suffering to themselves. In this VR environment, we used 360-degree videos to reproduce a counseling session in virtual reality that provides users an opportunity to vent out, without the fear of stigma or discrimination.

  • Date
    • 2017-Current
  • Roles
    • Project co-lead
    • Development support, troubleshooting
  • Related Publications
    • Syed Ali Hussain, Taiwoo Park, Irem Gokce Yildirim, and Zihan Xiang. Virtual Reality-based Counseling for People with Mild Depression. HCI International 2018, ICA 2018.

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