I am Taiwoo Park, an assistant professor at Seattle Pacific University (SPU). I believe that interactive media and video games have huge potential to enrich our everyday life. I have been creating and studying virtual reality and immersive media, as well as exergames (exercise-based games, or, exertion games), and developing software/hardware platforms to support them. I also enjoy creating novel interfaces and mobile/ubiquitous services using smartphones, Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors, and 3D printers.

I am at the Department of Computer Science of Seattle Pacific University (SPU) since September 2018. Before joining SPU, I was an assistant professor at the Department of Media and Information (MI) of the College of Communication Arts and Sciences (CAS). I was the director of iVerse lab, and affiliated with GEL lab and CARISMA lab. I have graduated from Computer Science of KAIST in South Korea and earned my three degrees there.

My favorite games include Overwatch, Quake Live, and I am a sort of sniper enjoying critical shots at a long distance. Had been practicing League of Legends. Had enjoyed Galaga, Seibu Cup Soccer, Virtua Fighter 2, Super Robot War 4th/F, Chrono Trigger, and Portal. I play guitar, drum, and am practicing Electric Wind Instrument (EWI).

Research and Creative Projects.

My research interest includes Virtual/Augmented Reality, Human-Computer Interaction, Interface Design and Evaluation, Persuasive Technology and Design, Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing, Exergames and Serious Games. I push my boundary every day. 🙂

Check out the details of research projects here.

Also, check out my creative projects here.


‘Taiwoo has a love for teaching and a passion for technology. He is very patient with the students and makes it easy for them to ask questions.’

‘This class I will remember for the rest of my life as I truly enjoyed every moment of it.’

‘By far one of the best professors.’

‘This class was awesome and I will tell my children and peers about this class for years.’

I love to teach. My teaching philosophy includes Learning by Creating and Personalized Learning, powered by customized design / development toolkits as well as effective pedagogical approaches based on Self-Determination Theory. I teach interface and interaction prototyping, virtual reality, usability, and digital games classes, and have awarded MSU-AT&T Instructional Technology Award in 2016. Get more details here.