Touching the Virtual: Individual differences in approach and avoidance behaviors in VR

This study investigates the relationship between individual differences in motivational activation and approach/avoidance behaviors in a 3D virtual environment (VE). The primary hypotheses are that 1) motivational relevance shapes facilitation or inhibition of behaviors while reaching, holding, and manipulating virtual objects, and 2) variations in individual’s trait appetitive system activation (ASA) and defensive system activation (DSA) will moderate the relationship. In order to unobtrusively observe individuals’ unconscious and automatic behaviors, we measure eye-gaze and distance kept between the participant and virtual objects while playing a VR game that involves a sorting task including emotional pictures. We expect that closer distance, and longer visual inspection of virtual objects are associated with ASA while further distance and shorter interaction are related to DSA. Relationship between trait motivational activation and other individual factors, such as VR skill and experience, will also be investigated.

    • Date
      • 2017-Current
    • Hardware
      • HTC VIVE, aGlass Eye Tracker
    • Original VR Environment Credits
      • Sage Miller, Yilang Zhao, Byron Lau


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